About Wall King Wallpapers

As a family-run company, Wall King can look back over a long tradition of procuring and supplying International wallpapers in Indian wallpaper market. Founded in 1984, Wall King Wallpapers has been a trendsetter in the market for wall decoration.

Wall King has succeeded in delighting its customers over and over again with unusual wallpaper varieties, thus further developing the WK as a brand. At Wall King, every collection is hand picked by us which provides a distinct and characteristic interior decoration for each individual. After completing 25years, Wall King still retains the ability to both surprise and delight all our consumers. At heart, WK’s main aim is at providing the best of Wallpapers to all its customers. WK is constantly searching the world for the latest and best in wallpaper products. Today Wall King, has a wide pool of wallpaper varieties in house which will meet the wallpaper requirement of an individual.

Wall King is a Hyderabad based company and WK-Wallpaper is distributed through a channel and it is available in more than 90 cities in India. Founder of Wall King Mr. Tarun Parekh, with visionary brother Mr. Chandresh Parekh have brought in numerous reforms in the wall decoration industry. Yet WK's greatest strength lies in serving our customer.

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